Pull Handle Latches

Our company is among the most experienced and accomplished companies working hard and efficiently in Pull Handle Latches all over the market. We have a commendable demand for these latches by our customers all around. These latches are made from topmost quality material and hi-tech procedures. Besides being advanced, these latches are corrosion resistant and have a tough and sturdy construction. In the end, these latches are offered in diverse range at low prices.


  •  The Pull Latch Handle is used by 19 engineering for locking insertions
  •  The completely pre-assembled unit is fastened by a countersunk screw M4
  •  LH and RH application
  •  When inserting the plug-in unit the free running slam hook latches into the appropriate cutout and locks the plug-in unit with the frame
  •  Drawing at the handle unlocks the plug-in unit and it can be pulled out by the handle


  •  Housing and handle: zinc die, matt chrome plated
  •  Spring for insert: spring steel
  •  Hook: sintered steel, zinc plated
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Part No.

Pull Latch Handle


The countersunk screw is not included