SS Compression Latches

We are a prominent and fast growing company in the field of providing best quality SS Compression Latches in all over the market. There is a diverse range of these latches available in a large variety of designs and patterns according to our customers. These compression latches are made from high-quality material and verified technology. In the end, these compression latches are available at market leading rates for our precious customers.


  •  Compression latch in two versions
  •  Cam can be positioned at 4x90°
  •  Version A: Install with rivets or screws
  •  Designed for ease of use by the end user - disengaging is achieved by turning the knob ¼
  •  Adjustable H dimension
  •  Version B: Install with rivets or screws
  •  Non adjustable cam
  •  All versions are lockable with padlock
  •  Versions of Compression Latches with round housings, as drawn, however with 4 mounting holes as well as oval housings and 3 mounting holes on request


  •  Compression latch: zinc die, black coated or zinc plated
  •  Shaft: steel, zinc plated
  •  Cams: steel, zinc plated
SS Compression Latches Exporter in Bangalore, India


Version A cam is adjustable
Compression Latch (zinc die, black) 200-9935 200-9936 200-9937 200-9938
Compression Latch (zinc die, zinc plated) 200-9939 200-9940 200-9941 200-9942