Torque Hinges

Our company has created the niche of providing Torque Hinges with elegant designs and accurate dimensions. Widely used across the industries, homes and these are fabricated according to the customer needs. In the manufacturing process of these hinges, we use corrosion proof materials which are sourced from reliable vendors. In addition to this, these hinges are quite durable, efficient and have excellent performance.


  •  270° Hinge with unchanging torque throughout its full range of motion
  •  Continuously adjustable torque 0–5Nm
  •  The adjustment of the torque is made with a hexagon socket key size 4 in the hinge shaft. The doors may be moved into any position and remain at exactly that position. Also usable as cover stays for light duty application. Installation with hexagon screws or hexagon nuts M6
  •  Without any engagement
  •  Torque adjustable
  •  Constant torque throughout its fully range of motion
  •  RH and LH application
  •  Applications: shutters, doors protection devices, cover for industrial enclosures, HVAC, electrical industry, machine tools and instrumentation


  •  Hinge and covers: PA, black
  •  Pin: stainless steel
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